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1) Because we are the best! And we care.

2) We only shoot truly adorable young girls.

3) Our photographic quality is the best there is (we never alter skin tone to make a model look good). We supply three different resolution, including LIFE SIZE.

4) Our full HD 1080p at 8,000 kbs videos are the sharpest you will find, unsurpassed by any other site. At this level of quality everything shows.Therefore... we can only shoot the very best.

5) Since I have been photographing beautiful women for 50 years "I know what turns you on"

6) We don't care how much it costs us to get the best models. We just want the best.




At we are always striving to improve the quality of the experience for our members. We value the input of our members, and, at your suggestion, we have improved the resolution and sharpness of our videos and we have changed the type of young girls we feature. Our members have spoken and told us that they want young, non-slutty girls, sweet, adorable, innocent and between 18 to 21 years old. A virtual girlfriend. That is what we are aiming for.

We make every effort to photograph only genuine orgasms, not the same fake ones that you have seen countless times before, where the girl is only pretending to come. In order to achieve this realism, I sometimes have to talk to the girl, because it is up to me to make her feel comfortable and relaxed so that she can let the real thing happen.

I have a reputation throughout the industry that girls are completly safe with me and my staff. Nothing sexual happens while we are shooting, and I never, ever touch the girls. This has been true for well over a decade that I have been in the adult business. Because of my reputation, I am able to get the newest and freshest girls, because their agents know that shooting with me is a safe and pleasant introduction into the business. I often hear from new girls that they have heard from other girls that their photo shoots with me were the best shoots they've ever had.

Some members have asked that I talk less to the girls, since my talking diminishes their satisfaction with watching the videos. Sometimes I have to ask her look into the camera, because most girls tend to close there eyes when having an orgasm, which makes the video more like a peep show, and less like you are there with them. Other times when I am shooting videos you will hear me making sounds. This is only because I am in a difficult position trying to get the right angle, so that you get the feeling that you are there.

Since some members have commented that my talking and sounds are distracting, our editor now removes any talking or noises that I make while shooting. It is our intention to make the experience that you have on the best one possible, with only the best girls. A girl you would love to date and have sex with.

If you want to get to know the girls better, we now offer more backstage videos where I try to get them to open up and tell you about themselves. Most of these young girls have very little experience in front of a camera and need to be gently prodded to show us there inner self.

I have been photographing young models for all of my adult life. First as a fashion photographer in New York for 30 years, and now for If you listen carefully to what I say to these girls, you will learn how to get women to give you everything that you want, in a gentle way. The surest way to not get what you want from a girl is to demand it. I hope my experience working with models for all of my adult life helps you get what you need.

We are constantly trying to improve the site, and we welcome your comments as to how we can make your experience better. Unlike most other sites we will not compromise the quality of the girls and the videos. We only book adorable girls who guarantee they can actually come on camera. We never compromise and book unattractive girls just to have an update. Please feel free to send us your comments and suggestions. We really do care about what you want, and will strive to continually make a site you want to keep coming back to.





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