Ron Harris Discovery, Kara Duhe Signs Exclusive Modeling Deal
September 08, 2008

Hollywood, CA - Her name is Kara Duhe, and she will mesmerize you. The 20 year old Duhe caught the eye of world famous fashion photographer and "King of Erotica", Ron Harris during his recent sojourn to Florida, and he's been capturing her magic ever since.

Duhe signed an exclusive contract with Harris in August 2008. Her first series of winsome erotic vignettes is captured at Duhe and Harris are creating a site especially for the winsome beauty, to launch soon.

A full time student majoring in Human Development, Duhe, is not only beautiful, but also a voracious scholar. "I love school, I love learning about new things, especially things related to evolution and the creation of life. I'm very interested in studying about Darwin in school, I want to learn the science behind his theories of Evolution," she smiles.

Refreshing and unpretentious, Duhe is looking more toward releasing her sensuality and natural passion to the camera in exclusive content as the artistic muse of Harris than moving into the realms of adult hardcore. Harris confirms her plans to remain exclusively a softcore model, "We get calls every day, asking 'would I loan her out' to some other photographer for stuff she would never do, even if she did not have a contract with us. Kara does not look like the other girls in this business, who have been used and abused. That is why I love her sweet and lovable looks."
Nevertheless, make no mistake; her raw sexuality comes through in solo scenes that sizzle. It's only right that her last name is pronounced just like the fresh morning dew. Duhe is a natural herself. "I like learning about nature, why things bend the way they do, or why the colors of the trees are the way they are. Learning is my passion in life, I'll never stop."
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Ron Harris Discovery, Kara Duhe Signs Exclusive Modeling Deal
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Ron Harris Discovery, Kara Duhe Signs Exclusive Modeling Deal
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