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Name: Ashton
Height: 5' 10"
Bust: 34b
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Age at shooting: 24


Ashton likes to masturbate and turn guys on. She got kinda pissed at me - since she was trying so hard to turn me on. My reputation is that I don't hit on the models. I think she wanted to see if she was the exception. Close... but no banana.

She takes some very hot photos. The photo with a glass dildo in her mouth is one of the best I got from her. Ashton knows how to make the visual of her sucking, hot, very hot.

I believe that most girls really do not know how to give oral sex. Most women do not know just how much men are into the visual side of things. A girl in Lipstick, with my dick in her mouth, makes it so much more interesting. She doesn't have to do anything... just let me look at her mouth with me in it. Yey !!

Ashton likes it doggy style. Most girls say that until they realize where that "you know what" spot is - and you can't get at it from that position. My last girlfiend used to say: "doggy style only". In the first six months, we only ended up doing it that way once.


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