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Name: Sandy
Height: 5' 3"
Bust: 34c
Hair: Blonde
Age at shooting: 25


We are about to bring you something very special ! We are in the process of designing a REALITY TV SHOW FOR CABLE TELEVISION.

You will see us develop the concept, plus see how we shoot and edit the pilot. The aim is to give you a totally real perspective on how to be a great photographer and director, you will see all the personal interactions behind the scenes and during the shooting.

The first rough cut is separated into 3 parts. Faye, Kara and Sandy. The next rough edit will combine all 3 girls into one 2nd draft edit, which will be intercut with the actual still photos we took while shooting the videos. The last and final edit will be part 3, from which will come the contract for at least ten one hour shows. -- Rough Cut Part 3: Sandy


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