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The Dance of Energy
The answer must be so Compelling... so Beautiful.
That we will say: How could it have been otherwise...

A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity
of its premises, the more different are the kinds of things
it relates and the more extended its range of applicability.

- Einstein

[an artists viewpoint]


Was a best selling book, because it helps you understand what works and how you can get what you want from life. What I will attempt to do is show you the true mathematical and predictable way mother nature works, which is the biology of the book "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus". I will show you how you can see and understand everything by looking at the shapes of nature. From women to [flowers], from [fine art], to contemporary [fashion] [photographers]. [supermodels] and [my models]. We will journey together in pursuit of the truth that we can measure and prove. If we understand how the organism works we much more likely to achieve our ultimate goal, of getting better looking children than we are, to the next generation and beyond. This is our destiny to keep evolving.

Helen Fisher Ph.D. Anthropology, in her book "The Anatomy of Love" says the most important act you can perform is that of making love, for it is only then you can get your genes to the next generation. And of course the scientific definition of life is the ability to reproduce. Most people in old folks homes, say the most important thing in there whole life, was having their children and grandchildren.

There is of course another way to help evolution. That is to change our perceptions and beliefs. So that the next generation does not make the same mistakes we have made. Many intellectuals have opted to leave their teachings for the next generation rather than their genes.

This next century will see the Chinese, the Muslims and the blacks come into there own. These cultures have a different set of values and will probably help set into motion the destruction of many of our most loved social institutions.  James Burke Ph.D. who did the Connections series for PBS and writes a monthly column for Scientific American, had predicted the fall of most our social institutions. Primarily because of how the internet will impact knowledge.



In 1972 Rene Thom, (one of the Worlds leading mathematicians)
said in his book "Structural Stability and Morphogenesis,"
"The masculine sex has a more elliptic nature than the feminine sex: perhaps this can explain why males are more hairy than their mates and are biologically more fragile". pg. 99

As an amateur scientist and a professional artist at the top of my profession I was immediately struck by Mr. Thom’s profound statement. This idea became my passion and has brought me closer than I would have ever dreamt to an understanding of life. Shapes, particularly spherical and elliptical designs, are the best measure of the human form. With this ability, to measure the human body, it becomes very easy to understand the fundamental difference between men and women. I realized what Mr. Thom was saying about male and female organs could just as easily be said about the fundamental shapes of their bodies. Consequently it should be possible to measure the shapes of our cells to ascertain the structural stability of our individual bodies. Giving us new insight into our longevity and behavior.



When I was 17 years old in 1950, I joined the Hayden Planetarium in New York City to become a Sun Spot Observer for Harlan True Stetson. Mr. Stetson had just published his book "Sunspots in Action". Over the years the joke has been that sunspots were responsible for the falling stock prices or even the hemlines of women's dresses. Today NASA and other leading science institutions devote much of their recourses and tax dollars to the study of Solar System Plasma Physics. This is the study of the magnetic fields that surround all planetary objects. In 1999 NASA discovered an "S" pattern that would develop inside a sunspot several days before would release a magnetic storm. This will give us warning of an impending storm, which can cause satellite and power outages on earth. "S" patterns only exist mathematically in an elliptical state. This is a visible pattern for any unstable organism. In this instance the result of the instability is a magnetic storm capable causing violent disturbances in the Earth’s magnetic environment, as well as spectacular aurora displays.

Take a long, straight, silky piece of hair. If you examine a cross section of the hair you will find it is near to being perfectly round. Take a curly piece of hair and you will find that the cross section is elliptical. The elliptical shape can curve whereas a round spherical shape cannot. The instability causes the hair to curl i.e. unstable. As a generalization the most desired women in the world have long, strong, straight hair. Most of today’s supermodels have long, straight hair. A similar example would be a drinking straw. When the straw is straight the cross section is a near perfect circle. As you bend the straw the sections at or near the bend become more elliptical until it becomes so unstable that the straw collapses at the bend the most elliptical and weakest point. Mathematically speaking an ellipse is nothing more than a failed sphere.



Most atoms on earth are at least slightly elliptical due to the force of gravity upon them. Atoms that are not elliptical, like gold, which is round and stable. When elliptical atoms combine their shape causes imperfections in the stacking of the atoms. These slight imperfections are the reason that crystals grown on earth are always unique from one another. Crystals grown in micro gravity, where the atoms are almost perfectly round, always from a perfect crystal. It is the mistakes that atoms make under gravity that leads to life on earth. Solar systems that have planets in spherical orbits are believed to be dead star systems. Consequently it is widely believed that life can only be found on solar systems with planets in elliptical orbits. The effect of the elliptical orbits on gravity, is the combination that creates life as we know it.



Every step you take is in response to a fall toward earth, your next step catches the fall. Every muscle in your body has been created under gravity so that you may run and walk around. The latest research from the space shuttle has shown, that tadpoles born in space, have their heads in the wrong place. When plants are grown in space, their roots go in all directions. Without gravity pulling on atoms and our DNA there is no possibility of life.

I have often thought the Catholic Church and all our other religions, have know for thousands of years that gravity is God.  The sign of the cross is the father as you point up to our sun, down as you point to the earth under your feet, and the holly ghost, the unseen force of nature. Which these great thinkers could readily see in there water glasses, when you tilt the glass the water remains horizontal with the ground.  And of course the only force that science has been unable to measure is Gravity. Gravity cannot be blocked so it passes through everything and at the same time it effects all matter and life on earth.

To travel in space you must be born there. Six months is space leads to bone loss, that might be not be reversible. A year in space would make you unable to crawl when you got there, wherever there may be.

There is growing evidence that space travel out of our Solar System and into the space between stars is impossible. I know you have been programmed by Steven Speilberg and Hollywood to believe that space travel is the new frontier. It is time for you to give up the romantic notions that our society uses to control you. There is no higher power, no magic, no space travel, no ET. Give it up. You will be better if you learn how nature works and deal directly with the power.



i am woman

i am man

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i am a sphere

i am elliptical

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i am not a risk taker

i am a risk taker

i am the strongest biological shape in the universe

i am more unstable and less biological strong

The female anatomy is more spherical than a male. This means the female biology has more structural strength than the male. Pound for pound they are stronger. Ask your dentist, who can withstand the most pain? The female body can withstand more G forces than males. In World War II, only men suffered from shell shock. Males are more susceptible to genetic diseases such as Hemophilia; color blindness even being left handed. In most encounters I’ve noticed that men are more emotional than women are. Women experience less physical and emotional pain than men do. Childbirth would probably kill a man.

Humans are female in their mother’s uterus for the first 90 days. After 90 days the testosterone causes the sex organs to move to the outside. It could be said that men are failed women. Nature try's to stabilize a mans body by adding, thicker bones, more muscle, thicker skin and more hair, all of which are protection for an unstable organism, men.


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There are only small people in old folk’s homes. This is not because people shrink as they get older. It is on account of smaller body types are the only ones that are living that long. Bigger bodies are more elliptical and therefore more unstable. The average NFL football player lives to be only 55 years old, all big bodies are short lived. Small petite men and women are the gymnasts, ballet dancers, and figure skaters. Their structural stability gives them superior strength,flexibility and reflexes. The average age of death for someone between the height of 5.3 to 5.5 is 90 years old.

Small women need little sex. If she is feminine and pretty even less sex. Big masculine unstable bodies need lots of sex. Since they don't live very long, they must breed, whenever they can.  Or their body type will become extinct. Now you will understand yourself and why you need as much sex as you do. Your biology determines how sexual you are. You are not a dog for wanting as much sex as you do. Just you’re biological aging clock ticking inside the body you were born with.



Pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. Kahill Gibran "The Profit"  Socrates said nothing would happen without war and pestilence, (i.e. disease).

Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France, in July '99, Three years ago he was diagnosed with testicular cancer that had spread to his brain, lungs and abdomen. I have watched Lance race for many years in the Tour, and he was never a big winner. But this year after having faced death and won. He blew away every other great racer and made them all look puny.  The pain of fighting cancer had made him stronger than all the other best cyclists in the world. Of course he would not have beaten the cancer, except for the fact that he was a world class athlete to begin.

The world is running out of antibiotics that can kill our mutated bacteria. The wide spread use of Antibiotics, that is a poison to bacteria, have caused, bacteria to mutate. All organisms get stronger when you try to kill them and fail.

Bill and Hillary Clinton, are the strongest they have ever been. The impeachment failed and they got stronger.

Ask any mother about childbirth, to understand how much pain is necessary for growth.

All around us are examples of how this works. On July 1, '99 CNN did a fifteen year retrospective on there show "Pinnacle" they said if you had bought stocks in the company's that these CEO's and multi millionaires founded, you would have made 814% on your money. They ran clips of each of these famous people, and the interesting fact was they all ascribed there success to the failures and pain that they had been dealt, such as cancer, loss of family, abandonment, abuse, etc. We only grow and learn from pain and failure. If we survive it makes us smarter and stronger.

Since pain and pleasure are received though the same nerve cells, the greater the pain we can endure, the more pleasure we can receive.

All growth is promoted by pain. Today's metaphor is "if it doesn't kill you it probably makes you stronger. You better believe this if you are going to have a great life.



The more spherical your eye balls, the better your eye sight, as you get older your eye balls become more elliptical and you eye sight deteriorates.  Kathy Keeton in her book "Longevity" uses how well you see close-up to determine how old you really are.



In mathematical terms men spatially transport their seed. In other words men don't care where it goes, as long as it goes on some part of any flower. But from a male point of view, only depositing your seed on the inside is much more satisfying. An orgasm is an escape from death.

Evolution has always favored men who had multiple sex partners and invested nothing in raising their offspring. This is why we have laws to prevent men from doing what comes naturally. Divorce laws always favor the mother and child.  You better have a pre-nuptial if you have asset's. Recently some billionaires wife sued him for three billion dollars.



Girls with big noses always want guys with small noses. Unless they have had nose jobs and then forget who they really are. Most women who have their nose fixed, destroy all photographs of themselves after the operation.  Very often they are attracted to men who have big noses after they have convinced themselves they have a small nose. Obviously this is bad choice for their offspring.

Girls with big asses always want guys with small asses. Girls with breasts smaller than their hips always want breast implants. They want to balance their body because they then can trade for a higher bidder, if they are more symmetrical, (i.e. 34-24-34). The same reason goes for lipo-suction and diets.

Big fat girls want little guys. But of course they don't always get what they want. Depending on how much sexual power they really have, they must compromise and take what they can get, just like guys with no money, can seldom get girls, and if you want beautiful girls you know how much that will cost, and how hard you are going to have to work to get it.  You want supermodels, then you are truly motivated.

I was always amazed at O.J. and Nicole Simpson. After 17 years he was still jealous when his ex wife slept with someone else. This is truly an obsession of the highest order. But lets look at it in terms of the biology.

O.J. is big and black, Nicole was small and blond. His kids are better off lighter and smaller, her kids would be better off bigger and darker. Biological they were prefect for each other. Just look at their kids, there beautiful.  In mathematical terms it is called "Regression of the mean". Everything folds back on itself, otherwise we would become giants or midgets in a few generations.



We all want prettier children then we are.  For all the obvious reasons.

The prevailing theory is that we evolved from Africa and Eve was black. It has been know for over fifty years that eve was black and came from Africa. Science also believes we were apes before that and mice during the reign of the Dinosaurs. As we migrated away from Africa and the equator, where the Ultraviolet radiation penetrates the thinnest part of our atmosphere. It is there that organisms need protection from the radiation. Melanin which make people black, is not necessary as we migrated to the northern hemisphere. When we get to extreme northern continents like Sweden, our skin in very pale and more blondes are born.  The sun in Sweden is red shifted because it must go at a greater angle through the atmosphere. Much like a sunset.  Swedish people usually have weaker bones because of the lack of UV radiation which is necessary to metabolize calcium. Since this has been known, the Swedish people use UV lights to help solve their bone problems.  This research also helped in solving SAD (Seasonally Adjusted Disorder) People who get depressed in northern hemisphere countries are treated with bright sunlight for twenty minutes each morning. The light intensity is equal to the noon sun in Southern California, and the source emits high intensity UV light. This form of depression is cured in this way.

Light skinned blondes are the most desired genetic type. All men and women understand that this is beauty as we fundamentally understand it.  Elle and Cosmopolitan magazines are the most translated magazines in the world. All cultures seem to be in concurrence on what men want and women want to look like. Even tribal cultures want women with symmetrical bodies and pretty faces. The men from these cultures instinctively know what body types are better for breeding. The most beautiful are always with the most powerful.

It is the spherical shapes of women's bodies and the spherical shapes that are fundamental to the beauty around us. Most [shapes in nature] are female.



Edward O. Wilson Ph.D. considered the father of sociobiology at Harvard writes in his book "The Yamamno". The killers in these South American nomadic tribes have twice as many wives then the non killers in the tribe.

We are now experiencing "the Hong Kong economic model of Capitalism: Men who are risk takers , have twice as many wives and three times as many children, Leaders, CEO's, Politicians, Athletes, Attorneys, Rock Stars, Movie Stars, Directors and Criminals. They usually have the most beautiful wives and children. They also have the highest levels of testosterone.

Those things that are wanted most are, beautiful women, beautiful children, fine-art, real estate, gold, money and power. All these objects are stable and create stability in your life and help to guarantee the success of your genes, to get to the next generation in better shape than you.



There are three kinds of testosterone worth looking at. The amount you received in utero, this determines how masculine and unstable looking your body is.

Two, the amount of testosterone your body is now generating. The harder you workout out the more testosterone you have. If you are a man and involved in child rearing, your testosterone decreases. Single people always have more testosterone than married couples.

Third, female estrogen is converted to testosterone, and the older the female the more testosterone she has. Men loose their testosterone as they age. Older females are always more masculine than older men.



Twenty years ago I started thinking about a book, that would help explain why there is much animosity between the sexes. I thought that if I understood our society I might be able to promote love and understanding between the sexes. Now I pursue the journey to stay alive and see where it leads.

I now think that I have found the truth and beauty of nature. Sex is something women have that men want. Society's that control men's sexuality are more successful economically.

Society's that suppress male sexual desire, do better economically than society's that do not.  When men must pay for sex and breeding partners, commerce is stimulated and you have a stable society.  Today's feminists are calling marriage "legal prostitution" But of course these societies tolerate pornography, because it is the end result of suppressing the biological needs of men, to re-produce, that causes them to find other outlets for sex. masturbation, sports, or violent games and of course violence itself.

From an evolutionary biologists point of view: Low status, whatever its cause invites risk taking in men. Poor prospects for employment, marriage and reproduction make risky tactics of lying, stealing and violence more attractive.  Smart blacks in the ghettos are often the drug dealers. All of the mass shootings that has been 1999, stems from these roots. In all cases we were dealing with men or boys who had severely limited financial resources and some were about to loose their marriages and reproductive rights.

What I now see is that in the last twenty years the marriage rate in the U.S. had dropped by 20%. Our society is flourishing and women are dominating all dissemination of information. What man hasn't been told by his mother how to treat women? If you are married you know who the CEO is. As our society has embraced feminism, men are less likely to marry, and I believe that the explosion of violent pornography on the internet, is a further manifestation of men's anger toward women and being controlled.

Even the most politically correct erotica Playboy, is showing hard core pornography, on their television channel. Fisting and pain is everywhere. I have tried on my site to offer a small percentage of intelligent men the softest, most beautiful erotic site. To counter balance hard core violent pornography. You be the judge.

Sports has also blossomed, and is accepted be society as a teaching tool, that helps men understand how to be a team player. Risking it all is something men do. The adrenaline created by being so close to death is what turns men and women on. The risk takers always have unstable masculine body characteristics. Women with there more stable bodies, take many less risks. But most importantly masculine looking women act more like men and feminine looking men act more like women. See [chart].

I am hopeful that the information I am disseminating to you lets you in on the secret. And that knowing this information will allow men and women to come to terms with reality.  So that our society continues to grow, based on truth, and not romantic fantasies that disappoint us all and seem to lead to wonton acts of violence.

It is time to for advanced civilized societies to come come to terms with reality.  Until men know the truth they will continue to blame women. And of course some young men will not know how to handle there sexual urges, and perpetrate violent acts against society's interests.



In the August 99 issue of Ms magazine, there is an article about an older woman's technique for dealing with the sex she needs to stay alive. She and her husband have sex every Sunday.  Instead of him touching her and her pulling away from or him begging for sex. They have decided to have sex by appointment.  They find that there needs are better met in this way. They anticipate and prepare themselves for their escape from death orgasms. Once you get the romance and spontaneity out of your mind, it all comes together.

From the Talmud: "If I am not for myself who will be for me? If I am for my self alone, what am I? If not now when."

We all define ourselves in what we do not like in other people. Marriage is much the same. There is a big component of repulsion that exists between all living things. The living cells in the bladder and the kidney must be repulsed by each other, if they were not they might merge into one. To the detriment of the organism they both support.

All life forms must retain the organization, or they will fail. We all divide into sub groups. Society is made up of sub cultures that only communicate with each other. From hate groups to religious groups. From drug users to astrology believers.  Nature must diversify to stay healthy and strong.



Lets just take alcohol as and example. Lets remember that getting your genes to the next generation it the goal, if you don't you fail.

In England they call being drunk and not able to perform sex (brew droop), so you missed an opportunity to have sex. You failed today. On the other hand, the store owners kids do better and the the truckers kids, the farmers kids, even the IRS kids do better.  But most importantly the grape plant does the best, the farmer plants more and cares for his grape vines. It seems every one is living off your addictions. Too bad for your kids.



An orgasm is a brief shinning moment when have achieved your ultimate goal of getting you genes to the next generation. For this very brief moment in time, your whole being feels safe. You can let down your guard for a few seconds, knowing there is the possibility that you have succeeded. Hopefully it will result in a pregnancy and you will survive to the next generation. An orgasms is an escape from death.

What got you to this orgasm was your desire to save yourself from death. The baby boomers were born in war time, the birth rate always skyrockets when there is danger at hand and your primary directive of getting your genes to the next generation could be thwarted. When there is trouble in the Mideast the birth rate in Israel increases. Even the ancient Greeks said there warriors experienced erections during the stress and pain of war.  All women are turned on by the pain of menstruation. Socrates said without war and pestilence, nothing would happen.

When you prune a rose bush, the plant sees this as mortal attack and defends itself by getting its flower [i.e. sex organ],to bloom. Only then does it feel safe, when it can spatial transport its seed. (just like men).



Fashion has three reasons and is important in our society. 1. Keeps you warm. 2. Determines what tribe you belong too. 3. Covers the unstable and unattractive, masculine body parts that you wish to hide.

The purpose of all cosmetics, fashion, exercise, plastic surgery is to make you look younger and more beautiful. As a fashion photographer for my life time. I have received most of my awards because I discovered and photographed the beauty of mother nature.

Recently I was watching Chris Rock special on HBO, in which he accused women of lying, since every thing they wear is to change there true appearance so that you will breed with them. Lipstick, perfume, clothes, hair color, breast implants, lip enlargement, nose reduction, hair styles, etc.

Seeing and being seen is what we all do. When no one is looking at you as potential breeding partner. The organism knows it is dying and starts to give you the pain that will kill you.  I will show you how to get back to being in the game.

Having spent most of my life around beautiful supermodels and women editors from all the major women's fashion magazines. I was even Gloria Steinmans sexual partner in 1961. I have listened to women and what they are really saying.  As always the actions speech louder than the words.

Who's the boss? We all the know the answer. First our mothers and then our wives. Mothers most cope with there unstable little boys and teach them though pain, what is required of them, so that they will know the rules necessary to get a job and a breeding partner.

Horses that are born in the wild, are an easy prey, until  they can get up off the ground and run away. Mares will not give there tit to the foal until he can run, they instinctively teach him through withdrawing from him what he wants most, her breast milk. Females teach through rejection.

All women lead there men through alternately giving and removing sex until there demands are met. The more beautiful she is the more sexual power she will have over you. And the more money you will need to keep up with her demands.

Smart women every where have figured this out. I have never met woman that did not want a young good looking millionaire. Starting with Robert Redford and Brad Pitt, Leonardo De Caprio, etc. The more women become masculine the more they are attracted to feminine men.  Not gay men because they want children.  Ten years ago on CNN there were two mid twenty girls giving free advice on a NYC sidewalk. There advice to women, "Never date a guy prettier than you are". Pretty men have sexual power over not pretty women, and the women must pay.

We all want to have children from beautiful people. From Heraldo Rivera to Heather Graham.   Television anchors, stars, supermodels, divas. We live for this stuff. on E entertainment. This is the candy, this is the goal of all life forms. You are watching evolution at work.



Get rich, get famous, get power and you will have all the women you desire. Settle for an unattractive woman and she will pay you. Even in gay relationships the more unattractive partner always pays, for the more feminine, prettier and younger partner.



Cosmopolitan magazine is translated every month in to forty-seven different languages. Helen Gurley Browns magazine teaches women the world over. How to be and how to control men. Helen should be given the  credit she deserves for having taken feminism and added the financial dimension that it was missing.  Gloria Steinem invented it, Helen changed and disseminated it. And Jane Fonda controls a large portion of the media through Time Warner, through her husband Ted Turner.



Women want men they can control, just like you want a women that wants you. Nothing is more futile than wanting a woman that you can't have. For women, having a man they can't control, guarantees they will be left for someone younger. If you do not have enough financial power to keep your women, she will leave you for greener pastures.

A paper in the Feb 7, '99 issue of Proceedings of the Royal Biological Sciences examines the market of mate choice, a favorite of evolutionary biologists. The article sampled personal ads to determine what men and women want from each other. Men want fecundity (youth), beauty and social skills, in that order. Women who have those attributes, demand young rich good looking men. The men demand those attributes, based upon there power and money.  With the exception of those men 45-49 who seem to demand three times what you would expect based upon there money and age, (early pair bond termination). It seems men who are transitioning from middle age to old age, do so fighting like hell, to get there genes to the next generation, since this is probably there last chance.  Of course this is what married women would like not to happen. But inevitably if a man has the financial resources to get young women, he will. I have noticed these men quickly marry these young girls and have a child.

As a fashion photographer for thirty years, I have witnessed supermodels being offered millions of dollars on the first meeting with rich and powerful men.



In a 24 hour period what you think and talk about determines whether or not you become successful. Talk a lot, play a lot, watch TV and you guarantee yourself failure.



Aerobicise® saved my life in 1977. I had just stopped smoking and gained fifty pounds. I could not walkup the Spanish steps in Rome, without stopping and resting. Now at sixty six years old I am in the best physical shape of my life . I run 25 mi. per week on a treadmill, while listening to Techo music. Every other day I lift weights alternating between arms, shoulders, back and legs. I stretch thirty to sixty minutes a day.

My intellectual capacity has tripled, and my orgasms are the greatest of my life. Aerobic condition is wonderful. I wonder what the great thinkers could have accomplished if they were aerobically fit?

Dr Cooper (the father of aerobics) says "aerobic conditioning increase your enjoyment of sex". I can tell you the more aerobically fit you are the greater the intensity of your orgasms and the longer you can prolong sex. The difference between the average person and an athlete is at least, one hundred levels, when it comes to sex.   The latest research shows that smoker's are much more likely to be impotent than non smokers. Your blood can only carry so much dissolved gases, which limit your ability to carry oxygen. After ninety days of aerobic conditioning, your body has two pints more blood and eighteen miles more veins. Stop smoking now before it all starts down hill.



As a New York fashion photographer and Arabian horse breeder, I have come contact with many gay people. One of my good friends Jerry Brennan and I used to have intellectual discussions when he did the hair on one the many Playboy shows and Aerobicise. Almost all the gay people I know say they were born gay. Gay people usually feel they were born in the wrong body.

My theory predicts that approximately ten percent of the general population will be born gay. See [chart]. on body types.

Since homosexuals seldom actually breed and have children. All homosexuality springs from heterosexual relationships.  I believe that as we transition in our mothers from female to male. (this is current scientific theory), those embryos that do fully morph into males, are born homosexual. This then is a natural occurrence in nature. And lesbians and gay men are correct, they were born gay.

When I bread Arabian horses on my ranch in San Luis Obispo, California in the early 70's, my wife and I had a mare that was very masculine looking, and no stallion would breed her. I used to joke that maybe I should get a garter belt and some black stockings for her.

It is my belief that as women put off their childbearing years till they are older and have established a career for them selves. When you do that it is possible that your more masculine and unstable eggs, create women that are more masculine. Also men's sperm are becoming less aggressive as they age, and effect the out come of the pregnancy. I can remember when I was a young man and starting to become a fashion photographer, that the women were much more feminine looking, even the old movies of women working in defense plants during WWW II, are extremely feminine when compared to today women sports hero's.

Certainly the age at which girls reach menarche, has lowered dramatically. In the last 50 years it has dropped from 14-15 then to 11-12 now.  This phenomenon has not gone unnoticed by the scientific community. The current theory is that body weight it the culprit. My theory says greater body weight means masculization of her body. If this is true women's mortality rate will decline also.   You can see this in risky behavior, such as smoking. More women are dying from alcohol and smoking in the last decade.

Nature always finds a balance, and the pendulum will swing back the other way. Masculine women are always attracted to feminine men. So the next generation swings back the other way.

Remember that all women get more masculine as they age. The little old ladies are dragging their very feminine old men, who want to stay home and take care of the flowers, around the world with them.

I have know many women who were heterosexual when young and become bi-sexual or lesbians later in life. One just has too look at women in high places to see this in action, Janet Reno, Golda Meiair, Nancy Regan, Hillary Clinton, etc.

In France a common joke is "Married men have their girlfriends and so do there wives".



When men make love they are always scanning their partners body parts to find shapes that keep them excited. Fetishes come from having partners who are lacking in sufficient beautiful shapes to keep us erect. Even fetish clothes is nothing more than using the clothing to cover unattractive body parts, so you are not turned off. This is the reason men like women to wear lingerie or some kind of sexy clothing.  Women who have great bodies will take their clothes of in a flash. This is their true power. But don't expect them to put much effort into it. Most very beautiful women work at very little. There is an old song about marriage for men, that say a smart man marries an ugly women and has a happy life. But then who can get a stuffy for an ugly woman?

Several years ago on CNN I watched as Jeannie Most did a segment on two thirty something girls giving free advice on a New York street corner. There advice to other women was "Never date a guy prettier than you are".  But then you will have to face up to the fact that your children might be more unattractive then you.



It is a fact that when men stop getting a sexual buzz, they die. Nature always always gets rid of what it does not need. Men who do not get aroused when sleeping have heart attacks. An orgasm is the body's way of knowing it is alive, it is a wakeup call to all the organisms that reside in your body. You must stop being afraid of physical activity and exercise. Being afraid will kill you. Face the facts and live again. There is no other rational choice. Face death and you will live.

Men need more sex then most girls. Masculine girls are more like men and need more sex. As women get older they need more sex because they are becoming more masculine and unstable. This is commonly known as there biological clock.   After they have achieved their personal goals of ???. Children, their need for sex diminishes rapidly. Men get more feminine as they get older and want to stay home with the flowers. Unless you workout every day to keep your testosterone levels high. It has recently been reported in Scientific American issue on [MEN], that men who are involved in child rearing, have lower testosterone levels. I actually have a friend who would rather stay home and raise his son, (he's divorced) than go out and fight for a living. Only older more masculine women with money are interested in him.

This is a work in progress. My aim is to expand on the information you’ve just read and continue to seek the truth inherent in all the beauty of mother nature...

The goal is money, sex and power. p=sm2

Ron Harris
May 1, 2003
Malibu, California


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