Model Info

  • Name: Katie
  • Height: 5'0"
  • Weight: 100lbs
  • Hair: Brown
  • Bust: 34b
  • Eyes: Brown
  • State: Arizona
  • Age at shooting: 19

Katie is a sweet, shy girl from Arizona. She has brown hair and beautiful, expressive brown eyes. She's 19 years old and she'd only been in the business for two weeks when she came to our studio. She didn't really like to talk about her private life too much, but she was more than happy to open up for our cameras!

Katie told us that she didn't have sex until she was 18. We asked her why, and she replied, "I found the right guy! He's nice. We're a good match. He's dominant, I'm submissive!" Sounds like she's made a good catch. Her boyfriend is a 30 year old lawyer. She's not in any hurry to get married and start a family, though. "No kids!"

She got into this business for one reason: "Because I like having sex! " We asked her if her partner just wasn't giving her enough. She had a good answer. "It's not a matter of satisfaction with my partner, it's a question of quantity! "

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