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Natalie Heart

Natalie Heart

Name: Natalie Heart
Ht: 5’07"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Age at Shooting: 22


Had the hardest most intense orgasm I have ever seen. She tried my new pink vibrator and was blown away !! She collapsed after the orgasm and I kept the camera on for you to see, what a girl who had an intense orgasm looks like.

Please don't tell my you know what it looks like, since most girls fake it 40% of the time (by there own admission) and most porn sites could care less, if its real or not. Just so long as her performance looks like she did. Don't believe me ? Then watch the backstage videos and hear what the girls say about themselves.

We are the only site in the world who insists on real orgasms. Or they don't work for us.


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