Model Info

  • Name: Kara
  • Height: 5'1"
  • Weight:
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Bust: 32a
  • Eyes: Blue
  • State: California
  • Age at shooting: 20


Kara is my all time favorite model. As a NY fashion photographer for most of my life, I have never been so inspired. Kara is my Muse.

I am in the process of makeing a new art site with Kara and her own Official site, with on-line chat. Kara is the reason that i get up in the morning.

Kara is multi-orgasmic, which means she can have as many as 4 orgasms within five minutes. I have never know a girl this sexual and delightful. Kara is a miracle and we are lucky to have her.

We get calls every day, "would I loan her out" to some other photographer for stuff she would never do, even if she did not have a contract with us.

Kara does not look like the other girls in this business, who have been used and abused. That is why I love her sweet and lovable looks.

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