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"Sun Up"

Name: Franziska
Height: 5' 6"
Bust: 32a
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde
Age at shooting: 18


Originally from Germany, she not only was very tan from her time in Florida, but her English was very broken. Check out the backstage videos to see how we had to communicate, during the shooting.

Franziska was just is 18 yrs old when these were taken. She does not like fake porn - so it was easy to get her to go for the real thing in her videos.

She is beautiful and has great lips, hands, pussy, ass, feet, face. She also rubs her left when she is coming.

You might have noticd that most of the girls I shoot have smaller size tits.

In fifty years of photographing models, first as a NY Fashion photographer, and now for my own sites. I have found that the girls with big tits are the most difficult to deal with. The show up on set and shake their tits, and think that is all they need to do.

Franziska is the kind of girl who puts 100% of herself into her orgasms.


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